The Centenary Publication


As a showcase for the WES Centenary and its goals, an extremely high quality commemorative publication is being compiled.

During the coming year, the Women’s Engineering Society will be celebrating 100 years of achievement and aspiration, through a packed programme of regional and national events.

Conferences, dinners, network events, awards ceremonies and a wide range of media attractions will all play a part. The scale and importance of this Centenary will be really quite remarkable. It is likely that almost every WES member, supporter and partner organisation will be involved in some way, during the course of the year.
Essentially, the Centenary will provide a boost of energy and enthusiasm to the work of the WES, pushing forward its goals through the huge additional publicity which the Centenary will attract.


The Official Commemorative Publication for the WES Centenary will be an integral part of that boost; and will showcase the vital core values which the WES represents.
The vision of a nation in which women are as likely as men to choose to study and work in engineering – and where there are enough engineers to meet this country’s growing demand. Inspiring and supporting girls and women to achieve their potential as engineers, applied scientists and technical leaders; by working collaboratively with educators, employers and policy influencers, to create a diverse and flourishing engineering community. 



Supplied to the Women’s Engineering Society by the Official publisher’s to the Governments’ Year of Engineering initiative, the Centenary Publication will enhance and promote this vitally important year.

It will be of the very highest quality, of course, with an obvious and considerable retention value.
Distribution will take place enthusiastically and pro-actively throughout the whole of the Centenary Year.

It will be made available at every commemorative event; distributed to strategic, educational and commercial partnership organisations; and promoted vigorously through a series of dedicated internet sites.

In short, this will be one of the most significant and sought after Commemorative publications of its kind that the engineering and science disciplines will have seen for a number of years.

Media-Pack & Rate-Card

WES 100 Media Information (pdf)


Year of Engineering

The official publication for the government's Year of Engineering initiative


This is an example of a recent publication produced on behalf of the "Bloodhound" team who are attempting to break the land-speed record by reaching 1,000mph !!!