This year is the 50th anniversary of the 1968 

Sunday Times 

And to celebrate the anniversary

 Numerous events are taking place 

Both in the UK and worldwide.

30 sailors,  30,000 miles, Non-stop, Alone, With no assistance...

To celebrate Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s historic 1968/9 

First solo, non-stop circumnavigation of the globe

A new Golden Globe Race will be staged 

To mark the 50th Anniversary of that epic race.

Events commence in Falmouth on the 14th June 2018

With a "Parade Of Sail"

 Marking the 50th anniversary 

of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston's victory.

This will consist of the 30 skippers entered in the race,

And hundreds of well-wisher's yachts in Falmouth harbour.

Accompanied by many historic yachts including: 

Sir Francis Chichester's famous Gipsy Moth IV.

A replica of Sir Chay Blyth's yacht Dytiscus III.

With pride of place going to a fully restored Suhaili

The evening will conclude with a gala dinner 

Hosted by the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club.

The following day will see the SITraN Challenge charity race 

From Falmouth to Plymouth.

As an integral part of the celebrations 

A special souvenir publication is being produced.


A4 Size, Glossy, colourful and informative 

It will be  printed on the highest quality paper

And bound to the very highest specifications

TheCommemorative Publication” will add considerably to The GOLDEN GLOBE RACE Celebrations.

With an obviously high retention value. 

It will be a genuine and long lasting souvenir of the events.

The Souvenir Programme will be Available at the various events and worldwide either online or by mail-order 

Throughout the race year and beyond.

Events commence winter 2017 with press conferences in Paris and London 

Introducing the skippers.

February 2018 will see the release of "The Mercy" 

A film of the events surrounding the original 1968 race.
The film starring Colin Firth and Rachel Weisz 

Will only heighten public awareness of the race itself.

The publication itself will have an ongoing campaign of “Mainstream” national press and television advertising

In addition to advertising in specialist maritime journals 

And historical publications 

Part of a coordinated marketing campaign 

Which will be similar to the recent 

Waterloo 200 & Agincourt 600 campaigns.

The huge interest these events will generate 

Will offer many diverse marketing & retail opportunities.

The events are supported of hundreds of organizations.
Including Public Sector bodies, Charities & 

Tourist Boards ( National & International )
And many other private sector supporters worldwide.


Will be published by the same team as the hugely successful
50th Anniversary Tall Ships Race, Agincourt 600 & 

Scotch Whisky Association Centenary publications.

So advertisers can be assured of the highest quality publication.

A downloadable copy of the recent "Waterloo 200" publication can be seen here

So advertisers can be assured of the highest quality publication.