Engineering SUCCESS

A major new initiative from West Argyll TP Publishers of the official Year of Engineering programme.

Britain has a proud engineering heritage. We lead the world in many engineering-led sectors
and through that, industry continues to thrive today, delivering huge economic benefits to our
country. However, there remains a shortfall in engineering graduates and skilled technicians,
with a marked lack of diversity in the workforce.” 


Despite the considerable success of the governments Year of Engineering initiative,

many of the problems which it set out to address are as acute as ever. There is still a

chronic shortage of skilled, qualified engineers, technicians and scientists. There is still a gross under-representation of women (as low as 9% in some sectors). And there is still a lack of genuine diversity amongst those being attracted into these fields.

It was always going to take a lot longer than one year to redress a problem which had accumulated over decades and more.

With that in mind, we at West Argyll Technical Publications intend to make use of the considerable experience, insight and industry contacts, acquired as official publishers of the Year of Engineering programme, to help drive forward those same aspirations that were at the heart of 2018. To build upon the success of the Year of Engineering in a very practical way.


This new publication will be distributed twice a year. 
It will be of the same exceptional quality as the Year of Engineering programme itself, and will
similarly showcase the very best opportunities for a successful career in STEM.
“Young people, especially girls and people from black, asian and minority ethnic groups, often
misunderstand careers in engineering and so discount them at an early age. However, when
presented with the reality, and particularly when they begin to understand the variety, creativity and the positive contribution that engineering makes to people’s lives, they readily change their views.” 

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