Media Information

The only publication of it's kind in Scotland.

SLAN is delivered directly to the desks of key decision makers in every local authority.

And to their equivalent number at selected partnership organizations and within the Scottish Government.

Whilst it is true that every local authority employee will have free access to a copy of Scottish Local Authority News,this is far from it's primary marketplace.

Rather it quite unashamedly targets those who occupy a decision making role, and those in charge of budget spend.

It's free distribution list covers Heads of Service and above, Directors and Assistant Directors, committee Chairs and Vice Chairs.

Everyone in effect who can make or influence policy, or make serious budgetary and contractual recommendations.

Similarly editorial features focus on major policy decisions and developments.

Covering a wide range of Local Authority issues such as Education, Roads and Transportation, Housing and the Environment.

News items regularly cover the awarding of major Local Authority tenders.

The appointment of senior staff, changes at committee level and more.

Scottish Local Authority News  fills a critical void in Scotland's governmental fabric and allows a limited number of appropriate businesses and organizations to reach a carefully targeted market.